Broward Boulevard and SE 15th Avenue

Broward Blvd and 15th Avenue Picture
  • Add a dedicated northbound left turn lane onto Broward Boulevard from SE 15th Avenue to decrease travel delays and reduce vehicles queuing along SE 15th Avenue;
  • Make signal modifications to accommodate the new left turn lane movements from SE 15th Avenue onto Broward Boulevard and provide dedicated green time for the left-turn movements from Broward Boulevard onto SE 15th Avenue;
  • Make a larger turning radius at the SW corner to allow trucks to turn onto SE 15th Avenue and add a mountable curb (“a trunk apron”). This allow trucks to make the turn, but should prevent smaller vehicles from speeding through the intersection;
  • Add a high-emphasis crosswalk across SE 15th Avenue, relocating the pedestrian actuated crosswalk signal and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramp at the SW corner of the intersection.