Las Olas Boulevard and SE 15th Avenue

  • Add a dedicated southbound left turn lane onto Las Olas Boulevard from SE 15th Avenue to decrease travel delays and reduce vehicles queuing along SE 15th Avenue;
  • Convert the dedicated westbound left turn from Las Olas Blvd to SE 15th Ave, to thru and westbound left turn; convert thru-lane to a right turn only lane, and the existing right turn only to safety zone;
  • Make signal modifications to allow green time for people making the eastbound left turn from SE 15th Ave to Las Olas;
  • Larger turning radius at the NE corner and large receiving lane to allow trucks to turn right from Las Olas onto SE 15th Ave;
  • High-emphasis crosswalk across SE 15th Ave, relocating the pedestrian actuated crosswalk signal and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramp at SW corner of the intersection.